Gallery Asna is delighted to invite you to our October exhibition ‘Aculeate Compositions’

‘Aculeate Compositions’ is a collection of new work by acclaimed Irish sculptor Don Cronin, which will be showing in Gallery Asna (Clonakilty Community Art Centre) through October. Cronin has been making sculptural work to critical acclaim for almost three decades and has numerous public commissions to his name throughout the country. ‘Aculeate Compositions’ is a wonderful opportunity to see Cronin’s work in the heart of West Cork.

Peter Murray (then Director of the Crawford Art Gallery), writing for the Irish Arts Review in 2015 wrote: “Like these Russian artists of the early 20th century, Cronin references a world of machines and things, a man-made world, evoking ships, airplanes and cars, the high polished finish adding to the works’ seductive brilliance.” According to Cronin, “echoes of urban structure and mechanical origin resonate,” in his work, as does his “perennial interest in the aesthetics of the engineered object.” 

‘Aculeate Compositions’ will be opened by painter Michael McSwiney at 5:30pm on Sat Oct 8th …and continues through to Sat October 28th.

We look forward to seeing you there.